Police Chief Want This Video Banned From The Internet before Anyone watch it


Daily Buzz SA-Police Chief Want This Video Banned From The Internet before Anyone watch it

Paisa was tossing and turning. She had been trying to get to sleep and had only succeeded in laying there for an hour. She saw her door open up a little and knew it was her dad checking on her.

“Paisa, are you all right?”

“Yes dad, I’m just having trouble falling to sleep.”

Eric walked into his daughter’s room, “Baby, would you like something to drink?”

Paisa smiled, she was 18 and her dad would always treat her like his little girl. She had plenty of girlfriends that would trade places with her. Karen’s father could care less about her. Barbara’s father yelled and screamed at her all of the time. Laura’s father was so strict she had run away from home, but she had been brought back. Now he kept her on an even tighter leash. But Paisa had more than a father, she had a dad. The only thing he did was love her. She wouldn’t trade what she had for anything. “That sounds good.” She watched him leave to get the drink.

He came back, and Paisa sat up in bed and took it from him. “Thanks dad,” she felt the cold water slide down her throat, “That hit the spot.” She handed the empty glass back to him, and lay back down.

“Is something bothering you?”

It had started slowly for her. She adored her dad and compared all boys to him. When she had s*x with her boyfriend she just couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like with her dad. “Not bothering me, really, but I could use a good back scratcher right about now.”

Eric chuckled, “Well I guess you are stuck with me until that good back scratcher shows up.”

Paisa laughed and turned on her stomach. She soon felt him scratching her through the over sized tee-shirt she slept in. It felt nice but really wasn’t getting it done. “Dad, can you go under my shirt?” She had expected him to barely reach under her shirt, and he did. He was such a sweetie…..READ more on the next page,go below this page CLICK>>>>2