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“Well good morning there, Brittany. Are you ready for today’s lesson?”

“Oh yes, Daddy! I can’t wait to find out what you’re going to do to me today!”

“That’s a good girl. I love your enthusiasm. You made Daddy so proud when you came to me on your 18th Birthday a few weeks ago and said you wanted to work at my whorehouse just like your mother and your older sisters. And you’ve showed such natural talent and raw ambition while I’ve been training you to be a slut these past few weeks! Now today, I’m going to take your training one step further.”

“You mean I’m not ready to be a real-life whore yet, Daddy?”

“You will be soon, Baby. But first we need to do one more thing to make sure your hot little body is ready.”


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“And what’s that, Daddy?”

“We need to open up that pretty little asshole. The clients don’t just wanna fuck pussy when they visit this whorehouse.”

“You know best, Daddy. Whatever will make me the best little whore I can be. I’m ready for you to do whatever you need to.”

“What a good girl you are. Now get on your hands and knees… Good, now let’s take off those pretty little panties… That’s it. Now let me spread these beautiful, succulent ass cheeks.”

“Yes Daddy, spread my cheeks so you can see my most private privates.”

“Uhmmm. That must be the prettiest little rosebud I’ve ever seen in my life. So cute, so precious, so irresistible. Let me lean in a get a good whiff… AHHHH…”

“Does it smell, Daddy?”

“Oh it does, Honey. But it’s a GOOD smell.”

“Will the clients like the way it smells, Daddy?”

“Yes, Honey. The clients will LOVE the smell of your sweet little shit-hole.”

“Oh good, Daddy. I want to make the clients very happy.”



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“I wish all my whores had your attitude, Pumpkin. Now let me get a closer look at this little stinker. Oh would you look at that… how cute is that? I see you shaved your asshole hair clean off, just like Daddy told you to.”………..READ more on the next page,simply go below this page CLICK>>>>2