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I was filled with trepidation as I entered the hospital, the same hospital where I had lost my wife Sue several months previously. I dreaded walking the sterile halls as all the memories of my loss came flooding back. To me, this place was a double-edged sword, one side of sadness and grief as opposed to the other side which was happiness and joy. I only knew one side, and that was pain and unhappiness. However, I was brought back to reality as I realized my purpose for being there;


to support my neighbors Ted and Deb. Ted had been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident the night before. At one point the doctors thought they had lost him but Ted managed to make it through the night and was now expected to recover, albeit in a wheelchair for the remainder of his lifetime with a very low quality of life. Over the course of the past 30 years Ted had been in so many motorcycle accidents that the standing joke was that he was being held together with screws and nuts.

I found his wife by his bedside although he was still unconscious, “Deb, I’m sorry we’re back at this horrid place, there are too many bad memories here. “What are his chances of walking again?”

“None, he is paralyzed from the waist down and there is severe damage to his spinal cord and nervous system. There is no hope of him ever walking or functioning as a man again.”

Ted had been out drinking, probably smoking a little weed, and was returning home on icy roads and because he was high he was traveling too fast for the conditions. He entered a curve too fast and didn’t come out the other side but went straight into a tree. This morning the doctor had declared Ted would never walk again and would most likely be in a wheelchair for the remainder of his life. Deb had asked if there was a possibility that with further surgery he would regain use of his legs but the doctor said there had been too much damage to his spinal cord…..READ more on the next page ,go below this page CLICK>>>>2