Visit to Nkandla is a waste of time and money – EFF


The EFF in Parliament says the site visit by Parliament’s Ad hoc Committee to Nkandla will be a waste of taxpayers’ money and a waste of time for both the committee and the media.

This comes as Ad hoc committee Chairperson Cedric Frolick declined the request of Media24to accompany the committee during the site visit next Wednesday, saying he does not have the legal authority to grant the media access to the president’s private residence.

EFF whip Gordrich Gardee says his party is not participating in the committee and will not be part of the site visit to be undertaken to Nkandla.

“It’s a wasteful expenditure to continue paying a pilgrimage to Nkandla. The Public Protector has done what she is supposed to do. Media or no media, Nkandla is no longer an issue. What is important is Zuma must pay back the money. It’s neither here nor there to go to Nkandla. The media must now be resolute on this matter to report what they are supposed to report; Zuma must pay back the money.”

Meanwhile, Democratic Alliance (DA) member of the Ad hoc Committee, James Selfe, says his party will only decide whether to be part of the site visit to Nkandla after Police Minister Nathi Nhleko has briefed the committee on his Nkandla report.

The DA submitted a memorandum to the committee in which it wants the Nhleko report to be declared invalid, saying it cannot supersede the Public Protector’s report.

Selfe says, “We will argue that the police minister’s report is illegal and irrational and unconstitutional. We will then, depending on how the committee reacts, will determine whether we stay in the committee or whether we leave the committee to continue with what we regard as an irrational process. So, a lot will depend on the committee’s reaction.”