Student wants compensation of a Cow from Principal


A student wants a cow as a compensation from a principal.

The pupil from Habiyana Primary School in kwaMakhutha, south of Durban claims the principal called her a bitch.

The pupil, who can’t be named, said her problems with the principal started when she refused to eat the food served in the school’s feeding scheme.

“I just don’t like the soup they serve at school and that is why I asked my mother to give me money for lunch,” she said.

“But the school principal has a problem with me not eating the soup like other kids.

“She asked me where I get the money to eat every day. I told her that my mother gives it to me. But she didn’t believe me. She said I probably get the money from taxi drivers.

“She said I was behaving like a bitch. All this she said in front of other kids. I’m not a bitch, I’m a virgin.

“I want the principal to pay damages for insulting me,” the girl said.

The student’s mother said when her daughter told her the news, she was angry. “My daughter is a v*rgin. She doesn’t deserve to be called a b*tch.

“I want this principal to tell me where she gets her information. Otherwise she must pay damages for insulting my daughter,” the mum said.

She confirmed that she gives her daughter the money for lunch.

The principal refused to comment.

Muzi Mahlambi, spokesman for education, said pupils can’t be forced to eat the food served at school.

“Our aim is to ensure that the pupils are well fed for the duration of their learning at school.

“If these allegations are true, the principal is wrong and can’t be tolerated. We will send our team to that school and see which code of ethics has been violated.

“Then we will take the appropriate steps.”