Pastor Mboro to bring Lundi back to life to perform at his church


Daily Buzz SA,Johannesburg-Controversial preacher and prophet, Paseka Motsoeneng, also known as Prophet Mboro has once again shocked South Africa after revealing that he possesses the power to bring the dead back to life.

In his statement soon after his church service on Sunday, Prophet Mboro declared that he was going to bring the recently deaceased singer, Lundi Tyamara back to life albeit for a few days.

The death of Lundi made headlines recently and attracted a lot of attention across the globe with different theories as to what really led to his early demise.

Lundi,was not new to controversy, being the first public figure to come out of the closet.

Prophet Mboro insists that he saw the deceased Lundi in heaven and he had a 3 hour meeting with him negotiating his tour back to South Africa to perform during one of his church services. Prophet Mboro claims that he managed to convince both Tyamara and God that Lundi was going to come back to life for three days to perform at his church and was doing to be paid in kind, since they don’t use money in heaven.

Mboro claims that Tyamara agreed to perform at his church on condition that he (Mboro) was going to organise for him a night with his lifetime crush Somizi, a popular South African TV personality. He further claimed that Lundi revealed to him that loved Somizi so much that he wanted to have one last moment with him before he goes back to heaven were he is having a blast.

But not to be outdone, another popular preacher from Nigeria, Pastor Chris contradicted Prophet Mboro, saying that he had a bad dream about the late gospel star Lundi Tyamara. According to a video extract from Pastor Chris’ Saturday International Visitors Service he revealed that he saw the deceased in a “terrible place”.

“I saw him in terrible place, It was very hot. He was crying for help, for South Africans to pray for him. Prophets are spiritual territorial commanders, these things are only revealed to us. We see things in spirit,” he said.

Gospel star Lundi Tyamara was buried in his hometown, Worcester, Western Cape, on Sunday. His funeral service was held at Zweletemba Stadium.The 38-year-old gospel singer died just over a week ago at a Johannesburg hospital.Tyamara was well-known for his debut album hit “Mphefumlo Wam”.

Memorial services were held in Soweto, Gauteng and Worcester, Western Cape last week.