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Johannesburg- Most boys end up having a female teacher in their elementary, junior high, high school, or college classes whom they develop a strong attraction towards. Naturally, when attending that teacher’s class, either the young man in question does really well in an effort to impress said teacher, or does poorly due to being distracted by her beauty. Regardless of their academic performance in the teacher’s class or their passion for the subject, the smitten young man always looks forward to that teacher’s class most of all. In some cases, if they can stay after for extra tutoring or to help grade papers, they do so.



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I, of course, was no exception to this rule. Years ago, I believed my seventh and eighth grade math teacher, Andrea Mitchell, to be the most beautiful woman on the planet. Though it was a little over ten years ago, I still remember being in her classroom as though I was there yesterday.

My junior high school sat in the heart of the inner city, which wasn’t the best learning environment. Not only that, but I hadn’t been adjusting well to middle school, since around junior high was when students formed cliques (which was worse for me, since I transferred to the school a year prior and wasn’t the most popular kid there, to say the least).




However, that first day of seventh grade when I walked into her class, everything changed. I and the class picked seats, and the teacher walked in, introduced herself and wrote her name on the board for us, then had us each introduce ourselves.

Right away, I was taken by her beauty. She stood about 5’8″ or so, had the shiniest brown curls atop her head along with the clearest, perfect brown skin I’d ever seen on a woman at the time. Though she dressed conservatively, choosing to wear blouses and ankle-length skirts, they did very little to hide her prominent curves, especially her wide hips and narrow waist.





Not only that, but she carried herself professionally and regally. From the way she moved in front of the whiteboard to the way she stopped to smooth out her clothes … every motion carried dignified significance. From the way she spoke, I knew she was an extremely educated, intelligent woman. She mentioned on the first day she had her Master’s Degree, which was a huge accomplishment… continue reading go below this page CLICK>>>>2