10 Secret Things Every Lady Does When her husband/boyfriend Is not Around


We were laying in bed messing around a little when he told me he wished to watch two women in real life have s*x. It made me think about it for a while. I decided I would like to grant him his wish.

I started looking for places to go to watch live s*x shows. All I could find were swinger clubs. I didn’t think that was what he really wanted. I was beginning to think it would not be possible to grant him this wish so I just pushed the idea to the back of my mind and went on with life as usual.

We decided to go out of town one weekend to get away from it all. We checked into a motel just off the interstate. When we got into our room, I saw it had a hot tub. My great weakness is hot tubs and I couldn’t resist this one. I got out Mr. Bubble and started the water running. I went to my husband and ran my hands up his chest asking if he would like to join me.” Later”, he said, “I’ll just watch you for now.”

I slowly stripped off my clothes until I was down to garter belt, stockings and bra.

“Are you sure you don’t want to join me?” I said.

“Later” he replied.

I finished taking off my clothes and got into the tub. I slid down until all you could see was my head above the bubbles. I turned on the jets and positioned myself until they were hitting just the right spots. I closed my eyes and just let them take me away. Just as I was reaching orgasm, I opened my eyes and saw my sitting naked stroking his cock and smiling at me.

“Are you nice and relaxed now?” he asked


“Would you like to go out for dinner and a little music and dancing?”

“Don’t you want to finish? I’d love to do it for you.”

“Not just yet.”

We got dressed and left.

We found a little bar that served food and had a little blues band that was going to play. We ate and had a couple of drinks……READ more on the next page,simply go below this page CLICK>>>>2