Naija Govt steps in after Man Abandons wife with 3 sets of twins


Naija Govt steps in after Man Abandons wife with 3 sets of twins. A mother has been left reeling and in need of help following the disappearance of her husband after she gave birth to their third set of twins.

The 34 year-old Ruth Uche’s attempts to contact her husband, Citizen Emeka Benjamin Uche a factory worker, since giving birth earlier have amounted to zilch.

Ruth gave birth to her first set of twins back in 2009, the second set in 2011 and her third set of twins recently this year.

mother of 3 twins lagos

Citizen reportedly fled from home after receiving news that his wife is carrying another set of twins.

“I have tried calling my husband but he would not pick once he knows that it is me. I contacted his mother and other relatives to tell them that he has run away. They promised that they will call back. Since then, none of them has called me. It is not easy for me at all,” she told ThisIsAfrica.

The Nigerian-based Ruth is in so much financial need that she had to walk into the Lagos State Secretariat with her six children to seek assistance.

Deputy govenor of Lagos Oluranti Adebule has assured Ruth that the government will not abandon her.

“As a woman and a mother, I can only imagine what you have gone through managing six children; it must have been energy sapping and depressing, but I salute your courage and I want to assure you that this government will not abandon you. We will stand by you and ensure that you are assisted to get back to normal life,” Adebule said.

In 2009 when the couple gave birth to two girl, Gooness and Godnews it was a joyful moment for the whole family, again when the second set of twins John and Joyce. It however got a bit too much for Citizen when he heard of the inevitable arrival of their third set of twins Daniel and Daniella.

“I met my husband in 2002 but we got married in 2008. We met in the village at Umuahia. I don’t want to leave the children and run away. This is why I want government to help us,” she was quoted by The Nation.

“I was using traditional way of family planning where I calculate some days before having intercourse. It was working for me. You can see my first set of twins is four years old.”

According to Ruth’s statement, she would be a mother of more than six kids had she not aborted other pregnancies.

“You know as women, we cannot deny our husband that thing whenever they request for it. Whenever I mistakenly take in, he would say that I was pretending. Sometimes, I would go through long process to abort the pregnancy. After that, another one would happen. I would still have to go through the process again to abort it. When this one happened he still insisted that I was pretending until the pregnancy became obvious.”