Six Ways You Know A Woman Really, Really Enjoys Sêx With You!


Six Ways You Know A Woman Really, Really Enjoys Sêx With You! What a way to start a Monday morning! Seems it wasn’t meant for me to have a nice day home alone to enjoy the peace and quiet. All I wanted to do was stay home…take a nice hot bath…and read a good book with a hot cup of cappuccino. Not the case today…I suppose I will have to call the plumber since the tub is clogged.

I began thumbing through the yellow pages. So many plumbers…I just hope I can find one that is able to show up on such short notice. After three calls…still no one. My last call…surely this guy can come out…I’m sure it won’t take long. Finally…someone answers…a man with a deep s*xy voice answers the phone. I explain to him what the problem is…he tells me yes before I can even finish. Hmm…he was quite eager. Guess he is in need of business.

I take a quick shower in the spare bathr00m. As I sort through my panties…I decide to put on a yellow silk thong…I’m in a s*xy sort of mood today. As I glance in the mirror…I notice that the yellow really shows my tan…and the th0ng accentuates my round plump a$s. I throw on a pair of short gray cotton shorts and a little white cotton tank top…I decide to leave my br@ off. Maybe I’ll have some fun afterall…I can tease the plumber at least.

With the hair dryer on…I barely hear the ring of the door bell. I hustle around and straighten up the counter where I had been fixing my make-up. Finally…after adding a touch of pink to my already pouty lips I head for the door.

I peer through the peep hole to make sure it is him…I smile to myself…he was quite a handsome man. As I open the door…his back is towards me as he is heading back to his truck. When he turns around I smile and apologize for the hesitancy of opening the door. I can feel the cool breeze come in through the door and my n*pples harden. I am sure he has noticed. He smiles as I invite him inside. Hmm…this might be an adventure…

I lead him back through my bedr00m and into the bathroom. He has his case of tools in his hand. I show him the tub and as he gets down in the floor on his knees I have a chance to check him out without him noticing. Nice a$s…I think to myself…….READ more on the next page,go below this page CLICK>>>2