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My name is Alexis.

It started, as I’m sure it started for many others, after an evening out with my husband, David. We had partied pretty good, I still don’t remember how we got home. In the bedroom, I started to get undressed and I must have passed out from all the wine I had drunk. I woke up feeling my husband taking off the last of my clothes. He started kissing me and when his tongue started licking my pussy, I looked down at him. It wasn’t my husband. David was snoring softly next to me on the bed. It was my son Jason. I tried to push him away and get up, but he held me down. I finally gave up when he started suck my clitty. By that time, the wine and my son’s tongue won the battle. Next thing I remembered, my son was on top of me trying to get his cock in my pussy. I’m embarrassed to say I let him. As he slid into me, I looked over at my husband who was sleeping soundly. After that it didn’t matter much. I lifted my hips and got my legs around my son’s waist. I pulled him in as deep as I could and he started pumping. Harder and harder. I shuttered as I orgasmed. All too soon it was over. Jason got up and left. My pussy filled with his cum. I fell asleep thinking about what just happened. In the morning my husband and I made love. I never had the chance to clean up.

It was several days later that David confessed that he knew about my dalliance with our son. He knew that morning. He knew why I was so wet. He told me it was all he could do not to cum as soon as he entered me. The thought of our son’s cum in my pussy, coating his cock as he fucked me was overwhelmingly erotic. I spent those days worrying that he would find out and he was actually delighted. Of course we didn’t tell our son, at least not then. But David assured me that he urgently wished a repeat. He was so anxious that he said he would consider sucking both his cum and our son’s cum out of my pussy. I almost couldn’t believe what he was saying. He had never been keen on that sort of thing before. He said, “please mum”. He rarely called me ‘mum’ and then only when he really wanted something. I told him I would think about it. Not that there was much to think about. I knew I would do it right off, but sometimes it’s best to keep the pot boiling for a while.

After what David told me, I was hornier than hell. I wanted my son deep inside me again. I wanted to feel him pounding my pussy. I wanted to see the look of intense pleasure on his face as he unloaded, filling me with his cum. But maybe even more, I wanted my husband too. And there was something else. A desire just on the edge of consciousness. A desire that I could not put a name to. Now that David was looking forward to another go, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. We decided to not tell our son right away and as much as my husband wanted to provide clean up services, we waited for the right time……To continue reading this story go below this page CLICK>>>>2