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‘My name is Megan, I am a 38 year old single mother to Rick who is 18 years old. I am a successful, forceful, demanding woman who gets what she wants, oh and I am also a bitch.

As a quick resume of how we arrived at this point is all that is needed, then that’s all I will give.

Rick’s father left when he was only 3 years old. He left me to bring up the child on my own. I struggled to manage for years, until I got my break and acquired a job at a national insurance company as a call centre operative. In a male working environment, I realised that to get anywhere then I would have to be twice as hard, ruthless and ambitious as anyone else, especially men.

So at work I became the ball buster. I did not suffer fools gladly and I rose within the company to be a sales executive.

During these years of struggle, my son was becoming a handful like his father and I had to rule with a rod of iron to keep him on the straight and narrow.

Recently he was going through a bad stage of ‘moody youth’ and was becoming disrespectful and sullen like all teenage boys seem to be.

Because of the stress of my daily work, when I got home I didn’t need his shit and I steadfastly refused to take it. I controlled his usual smart-ass by dominating him and beating him down.

This story really starts the day ‘the bitch’ pushed him too far.

If I had to be painfully honest, I would have to admit to treating my son badly (and much to my shame, like shit at times.) He was a chip off the old block that had deserted me. I had become both professionally and emotionally a bit of a man hater due to my experiences and took it out on my son. He was the symbol of all the men that I held in contempt.

This came to a head, when I returned home after a particularly stressful day in which I had received criticism for my performance. This was incredibly annoying, as it was a useless man that had fucked up in a deal, yet I took the blame because it was my department that he worked in……Continue Reading this story on the next page Simply go below this page CLICK>>>>2