The Best Way to Know if Your Girlfriend/ Wife Is Cheating on You


A lifelong friend of mine was to visit our town on business. Let’s just keep it simple and call him Mark.

When my wife Marcia heard that he was going to be in town she insisted that he stay at our place and not bother with finding a hotel. With very little persuasion he did. We had planned for him to stay in our guest bedroom.

I had to work late on the day he was to arrive in our town, wouldn’t you know it! . One of the corporate big shots called a last minute meeting that required my appearance. I called Marcia to tell her the bad news. Marcia figured that all plans were off, and began to make plans to make dinner at home. She sounded very disappointed. At that point, I insisted that she and Mark go ahead and go out. She was reluctant, but I prevailed, and she agreed to take him to dinner. I suggested she take him out and eat their fills of crab, shrimp, lobster and the like, as I now have adverse reactions to seafood and can no longer eat and enjoy it. She and he are both seafood nuts. I left for the downtown office, happy that she was excited and sad that I couldn’t join them.

When I finally got home, I was exhausted. Marcia and Mark were not home yet. I felt this was the prime opportunity to take advantage of our hot tub. Its soothing bubbles would soon assist my Scotch on the rocks and have me over the worst of the tortuous workday. The stress and tension of my job are probably in the top ten gradient of severity.

After about 30 minutes, Mark and Marcia woke me up and suggested that I come on into the house before I drowned myself. As I stood up, the water running in rivulets down my body and cascading around me, I realized that not only was I relaxed and feeling much better. Both of them were quite high, not drunk, but well on the way. Marcia went over to get me a towel and the three of us went into the den. Mark sat down on the couch. …..READ more on the next page simply go below this page CLICK>>>>2

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