BREAKING:Khanyi Join Sesuthu challenge using 330ml fanta bottle,(video) hit 41 million views in less than 10mins


The week certainly belong to randy n@ughty teenagers. Social media was ablaze over on Wednesday when Sesethu Zikhona’s video was leaked on social media. She had apparently sent it to her boyfriend and a friend stole it from her boyfriend’s phone and distributed it.

Now a new video has surfaced showing an equally young teen who has been identified as Khanyi. The visible young girl sets up her camera and records herself until she is fully undressed then started to us a fanta bottle to m@sturbate click the link below to watch the video!!!

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Experts have warned that in doing so‚ they are not only violating the girl’s rights‚ but committing a crime. The video‚ accompanied by the hashtag #Khanyi‚ was first shared on Facebook‚ then distributed on Twitter and uploaded to YouTube‚ before being almost immediately deleted. In the footage‚ the girl is seen na_ked and ma_sturbating herself.

Also Watch :>>>CLICK HERE TO WATCH,Khanyi Leaked VIDEO


The director of Media Monitoring Africa‚ William Bird said that the child has civil rights that allow her to potentially sue every person who shared the video across social media platforms. He also said she should get psychological support.

Also Watch :>>>CLICK HERE TO WATCH,Khanyi Leaked VIDEO


“By having the video people are guilty of the crime of possession of child se_xual abuse material or child p_orn. If they don’t report it‚ they are guilty of an offence. The laws we have on these issue are good and anyone who violates them is guilty of serious offences‚” Bird said….Get more on the next page,go below this page CLICK>>>>2