EXPOSED: What Woman Think About While Bending For That D0GGY Style


Here are 12 thoughts bound to enter the brain when someone enters from behind.

1. My Butt Must Look Fantastic Right Now

There really is no greater angle for your backside. Large, small, round, or flat—everybody’s shape shines when they’re on all fours.

2. But My B_oobs Have Definitely Seen Better Angles

All lady lumps look like udders when they’re poised for it, and that’s a fact. Thankfully, nobody’s really getting the full visual on milking season.

3. Um, How Often Should I Be Turning My Head Back To Look At Him?

The beauty of this position is the freedom to not lock eyes – but isn’t the occasional glance appreciated? Oh no! Neck cramp!

4. Please Stick To The Orifice We Agreed On!

‘Cause nobody’s looking to get a p3nis shoved into a hole that wasn’t prepared for it. Dude, just stay in the designated bone zone, please.

5. Whelp, That’s Going To Leave A Slobber Mark

Sometimes we find it okay to push our face right into the pillow, but that also leads to drooling because we’re humans. Just know there’s going be some serious condensation on these linens post-coital…..Read more on the next page,simply go below this page CLICK>>>2