BREAKING : Joe Mafela Told By Wife NOT TO Travel But He Refused – Wife Reveals Last Minute Conversation


According to a recent reports,the late actor who died in an accident recently,Joe Mafela,had been told by his wife not to travel on the fateful day as she had a ‘feeling’ that something bad would happen,but he laughed it off and entered into his Ford.

”I was just born like that,when something bad is about to happen I just develop that ‘feeling’ that something bad is on the way although I cannot really tell the exact tragedy that can befall the victim. For instance I had told my husband just before he even started his journey but he took me for granted,see now he’s 6 feet under because he wouldn’t listen”,the comedian’s emotionally charged wife was quoted.


For over four decades he has touched many lives through his work as a producer, comedian and actor on local television and film, as well as through his music, and his work in the community.

He leaves behind his wife, three sons and a daughter and six grandchildren.Mafela has been in South African entertainment for over 50 years and was popularly known for his acting and comedy.

He started as a theory writer in 1960 and then became a professional in theatre in 1964.The 75-year-old starred as Sdumo on Sgudi ‘Snaysi and Jabulani Cebekhulu on Going Up, both sitcoms on SABC One.

Mafela was also known for his career in music with songs such as Shebeleza.South Africans have sent their condolences to his loved ones on social media.