Dishonest well-known Jozi Pastor nailed His Daughter With His Huge Stiff Stick like there was no tomorrow


Dishonest well-known Jozi Pastor nailed His Daughter With His Huge Stiff Stick like there was no tomorrow-A Must READ

I couldn’t sleep. I was lying in bed tossing and turning. The nightcap I had before bed, which usually knock me out every night, was not working tonight. Not only could I not sleep, I just couldn’t get my mind off my father. We had such a lovely evening earlier. The candlelight diner. The walk in the park. The dancing in the jazz club. I had the time of my life. It was the perfect build up. But a perfect build up to what? If he was by boyfriend then the logical conclusion would be that we would both end up naked right now rolling around in bed. We would be having all kinds of fun. At least my boyfriend would. I always ensure that he gets off but then all he does is roll off and falls asleep. In fact, that’s why he is now my ex-boyfriend.

I wish dad were in here laying beside me. A sudden feeling of guilt overtook me as I realized the sick, forbidden thoughts I was having about my father. I jumped out of bed and went to the kitchen to get a glass of milk and some cookies. I wasn’t really hungry but because I couldn’t sleep I decided what the hell. As I sipped that glass of milk I couldn’t help wondering if dad was having trouble sleeping too. I put down the glass of milk and walked down the hall towards his bedr00m. I stood at the door watching his pajama-clad body fast asleep on his back, his legs wide open. The tip of his d*ck was barely visible through the fly. It was a very inviting sight. Quietly, I walked into the bedr00m and kneeled beside the bed.

Leaning in, I examined his flaccid dick a little closer. He was not c*rcumcised and I could resist reaching out to touch it. I wanted to pull back the skin to see if any of that white stuff had gathered around the head like it usually does on my ex-boyfriend. As my hand was about to touch him, dad stirred, causing me to jump back. I stayed on the floor. Convinced he had not awake, I came back up and settled on the edge of the bed. His d*ck had retreated back inside the pajamas. Carefully, I reached out and fished out his d*ck. He did not budge. Slowly, I pulled back the skin to see the mushroom shape head come into full view.

There was a little creamy custard around the rim. I leaned forward, stretched out my tongue, and tenderly l*cked the tip. The musty smell of his c*ck and balls went straight to my head. The smell was intoxicating. I kissed the head and l*cked it again. I began l*cking in earnest now, completely forgetting where I was and who this was. It wasn’t long before his hand came to rest on my head. “Oh, Laura, what are you doing?” I decided to go full throttle and took it into my mouth. His hand was pushing me away but I was determined and kept s*cking……Continue Reading This Story on the next page,Go below CLICK>>>2