His mom gets nailed by one of his good friends….Must Read


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It wasn’t that I didn’t like my dad, it was just that I thought he was kind of a buffoon. A buffoon that had got real lucky, but he was the kind of guy who never realized it was luck that got him to where he was. It was Dad’s good fortune to be at the right place at the right time and by a series of coincidences end up married to a woman who was far superior to him in just about every way.

When she was young Mom had gone to an all girl school. One night she met my father at one of those mixers. Dad was what one might call a townie, he had grown up in a large family in the same town that my Mom was going to college in. The night they were to meet, Mom’s boyfriend had called to tell her that he thought their relationship wasn’t working out ( he would later call begging to get back together, but by then it was too late) and that they should take a break from each other. Mom took the idea pretty hard and decided that it was a good night to get loaded on cheap beer and to find the nearest available guy and lose herself in a night of tawdry s*x. The nearest available guy was my father – a guy whose life was about to change radically. It seemed the c#ndom that my Dad was using had been in his wallet a little too long, that night it couldn’t stand the action and it broke. The result of that happy accident would turn out to be my oldest sister.

Mom being a good girl, married my father and they proceeded to settle down and have two more kids, with me being the youngest. By the time I was 18 she had just turned 42 and my older sister and older brother had moved out of the house.

Let me tell you a little bit about my Mom, she looks a lot like Suzanne Summers. Same face, same body and beautiful naturally curly bl#nde hair that a little past her shoulders. But, her most compelling quality is a kind of s#xual magnetism she ex#des. Where ever we go I always notice men staring at her, sometimes in the most l#stful fashions. Nobody seems to be imm#ne to her, or to her charms. Men are constantly tripping all over themselves trying to please her, and most of the time they make complete fools of themselves. As far as I knew she had never been unfaithful to my father, even though, as he had once told me ( with some pride) that he didn’t see the need to have s#x more than once a month…..READ more on the next page,go below click>>>>2