Here is how you Activate your WhatsApp to Make Voice Calls


WhatsApp Voice Calling is Here! and Here is how you Activate your WhatsApp to Make Voice Calls.

WhatsApp is allowing Android users to “invite” one another to use its new voice calling feature simply by making a WhatsApp voice call.

First, you have to download a new version of WhatsApp for Android.

There are reports that you can delete and reinstall WhatsApp from the Google Play store, but the sure-fire way is to download WhatsApp 2.11.561 from APKMirror.

After you’ve installed the new version and received a WhatsApp call from someone, the user interface will change to allow you to make calls of your own.

Once you’re in business, using the WhatsApp voice calling feature is dead easy, so remember to pay it forward.

whatsapp call
Receiving (left) and making (right) a WhatsApp voice call

Malware warning

Security researchers have warned that purveyors of malicious software have jumped at the opportunity to exploit users’ desires to access WhatsApp voice calling.

One attack involves a message being sent from someone who appears to be a legitimate friend, which states: “Hey, I’m inviting you to try WhatsApp Free Voice Calling feature, click here to activate now.”

The link takes users to a website, where they are asked to take a survey on behalf of the Facebook-owned service. To take the survey, users are asked to download applications and software, which contain malware.

These fake invitation messages are circulating via social media, phishing emails, WhatsApp messages, and scam websites.

There’s no word from WhatsApp on when it plans to officially launch its voice calling feature, and the invitation system does not appear to be available to users on other platforms, such as iOS.

whatsapp voice calling
WhatsApp voice call tab view (left) and notification widget (right)