BREAKING : Durban Teenager On A Controversial Video Has Been Arrested At School,Parents Breathers Fire


Daily Buzz SA-A Durban teenager, whose controversial footage has since gone viral on social media, was  arrested whilst she was attending her lessons.


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According to a report,the parents of the teenage girl in question have since ‘gone mad’ concerning the arrest of their own child,insisting that she did not deliberately post her private video to the public but it found its way into the social media without her consent.

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”We we left with no option but to arrest her for public indecency and other charges so that she won’t repeat the same thing again or rather we have to send a clear message to her other agemates who might think of doing the same. The message is clear”,the senior SAPS cop who declined to be named was quoted.

The 14-year-old girl is still assisting the SAPS with investigations and any further updates will be advised in due course.


Also Watch :>>>CLICK HERE TO WATCH,Sesethu Leaked VIDEO