DEEP SECRETS : Although Joe Mafela Was Killed By Accident,His Doctor Reveals The DEADLY Disease That Was Going To Kill Him In 48 Weeks


According to the family doctor of the late comedian who recently passed away in a deadly car crash,the actor was already in trouble with a deadly disease and and he had been notified by his doctor that despite all efforts taken to save him he could lose his life within a period of 48 weeks.

”Mr Mafela has been my patient for over a decade and he was a very kind man. Its sad to note that as a person grows into their age, the diseases begins to mount since  our white cells becomes weaker as we get old. As for my long time patient Mr Mafela, he was suffering from a liver condition and also he had an issue with his kidneys which were not working well. We tried by all means to help him but his condition was deteriorating by day. He was left with about 48 weeks to live since his body organs were not longer responding to treatment”,Dr Mogorosi was quoted.

Joe Mafela, actor, songwriter and film producer was born in 1942 in Sibasa, Limpopo Province. His father worked as a shop assistant in a Chinese shop in Sophiatown. When Joe was three years old he left Johannesburg along with his mother, who was expecting her second child. They returned to Limpopo where his brother was also born. Mafela’s family moved to Kliptown, south of Johannesburg in 1947. The family remained in Kliptown for five years.

In 1952 they moved to White City Jabavu, a township that was conceived as a temporary shelter for many families removed from one of the squatter settlements that sprang up in Soweto in the 1940s.