15 Warning -Early Signs and Symptoms of HlV that You Must Know!


When I met my husband, we’d both been divorced for a few years. We both had children from our prior marriage — I had my daughter, who was 22, he had his son, who was 18. When we married, we moved into a new home, with his son living with us. My daughter was off at college.


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We all got along very well. But, it wasn’t long before I noticed that my new stepson, Jason, appeared to have what can only be referred to as a 1-track mind. He was a raging bundle of hormones. He was very much into swimsuit models, sexy posters which covered his walls, even some very revealing ones. His father didn’t seem to have an issue with it, so I wasn’t going to say anything. Jason was also very open about his attractions. He’d ogle girls and women when we were out — making some sort of comment here and there. It was kinda funny, but I always found it odd that his father never once said anything about it.

Then, about 5 months into our marriage, I started to notice Jason’s ogling was being directed at me. If I came out of the shower in a robe, he was staring. If I was wearing shorts and a light top, he was staring. And the more I paid attention to his attention, the more I realized that he’d stare for a time, then disappear up into his room, or the bathroom. Every time. Well, it didn’t take me long to figure out what he was likely doing. It made me chuckle, but — honestly — it also kinda turned me on. The thought that this young hormone-filled kid was getting turned on by me, and then maybe even stroking himself off to the thought of me, was rather intriguing. And to be honest, I found myself thinking about him a few times while I ‘took care’ of some of my own needs. It was a taboo fantasy, but it was fun.


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One day, I had been out by the pool in our backyard sunbathing. I was wearing my favorite bikini which highlighted my slender build, my butt, and my breasts. I laid there with my eyes closed, relaxing, and just enjoying the sunshine. I heard a muffled noise, and I opened my eyes. As I looked up towards the house, I saw movement in a second floor window just above me. That was Jason’s room, and it appeared as though someone was moving away from the window quickly. I smirked to myself. The boy is up there, standing above me, watching me lay here, and jerking off. I laid there for a few more minutes and then thought I’d do something different………READ more on the next page,go below this page CLICK>>>>2