Bronkhorstspruit Boy Kidnapped in Hijacking Found


The boy that was kidnapped during a hijacking has been found, police said on Monday.Aaron and Mongezi Phike

“We found the boy in Johannesburg yesterday (on Sunday),” Captain Sarah Mcira said.

She could not immediately confirm where in Johannesburg he had been found.

“He was brought to his mother today. We are still looking for the culprits.”

Mongezi Phike, 6, was with his father when their car was hijacked by four men on Tuesday.

The boy and his father were in a car at an intersection in Masada, Bronkhorstspruit, when the men approached the car. Two of them were armed.

According to a report, a family friend said the men allegedly tied the father’s hands and feet with wire, covered his head with a plastic bag and wrapped tape around his neck.

His identity document, wallet, credit cards and phone were taken.

The friend said the father was hit on the head and left for dead at a construction site, while the hijackers fled with Phike.

The father was later found and taken to a hospital in Delmas