2 Women find HUMAN BONES at Construction Site


2 construction workers working on a job in Soweto got the shock of their lives on Monday when they stumbled across burnt remains on a dry piece of veld opposite South West Gauteng College in Dube Village.

Wendy Makhoba (38) said: “The bones were spread around. “I don’t know what happened but it looked as if the body had been cut into pieces.” Eva Senoko (42) said she was horrified by their discovery.

Eva Senoko and Wendy Makhoba
Eva Senoko and Wendy Makhoba

She was also very disappointed at how the cops responded.

“We called the police on the same day we found the bones, but they only came the following day after we went and fetched them at the cop shop,” she said.

Wendy hopes their discovery will help ease someone’s pain.

Eva Senoko and Wendy Makhoba

“Every person whose relative mysteriously goes missing lives with terrible worry.

“I only hope cops can trace the family of this person so he or she can be buried with dignity,” said Wendy.

Cops are investigating.