2 FAKE Police Man Shot DEAD in Midrand


Two suspected truck hijackers have been shot dead in a dramatic shoot-out in Midrand, North of Johannesburg according to reports.

The SA Police Service tweeted that Hawks officers confronted five bogus police officers in a fake police vehicle in Midrand on Tuesday night.

Midrand shoot out

According to the police, two were fatally shot and three were arrested.

Two high calibre weapons were seized, along with the vehicle.

Eyewitness News reported that the gang of suspected truck hijackers were dressed in police uniforms, and were driving a car with fake police number plates and decals.

A brief car chase was followed by a shoot-out just after midnight.

According to eNCA, one of the three arrested suspects is a qualified policeman based in Midrand.

It is believed the gang was planning to hijack a truck earlier on Tuesday, but this was thwarted. Police later spotted the suspects and the shoot-out ensued.