BREAKING: Zuma develops frog’s head on his p3nis


A man who was in the habit of bed hoping is ruing the day he slept with a sangoma’s wife after his urinating tool developed a frog like creature on it’s tip.

Mlungisi Zuma of Newcastle now lives a life of pain and regret. Detailing his ordeal, the man said he considered himself a casanova of note and would woe married woman, bed them, and dump them like hot potatoes. His day of reckoning came when he manipulated a songoma’s wife and bedded her. Little did he the sangoma had placed a ‘trap’ on his beloved wife.

“One week after I slept with her, I started experiencing unbearable pain on my 4-5 each time I wanted to use it. It started swelling and changed shape to a from overnight”, the man said. It is alleged the sangoma, who originates from Malawi had long suspected his wife of freely distributing her cookie jar each time the sangoma went to Malawi to collect his herbs.

Now Mlungisi fears death will soon come knocking if the sangoma does now cure him. “I am in pain and desperate. The sangoma is in Malawi now and out of reach. His number does not go through because he is in the mountains digging herbs”, he said.

When contacted the wife, she refused to comment.

Mlungisi has also tried to get prayers from prophets but nothing seems to help the desperate man.