BREAKING NEWS : Zimbabwe to be renamed to Republic of Mugabe


The government in  neighboring Zimbabwe announced early this morning their intention to rename the country to Republic of Mugabe. The news was met with anger from the ordinary Zimbabweans who said the president was personalising the country as his personal asset, doing whatever he wanted.

The name change, according to the presidential spokesman, is long overdue and it is high time the president gets the recognition that he deserves. “We want to honor the president for everything that he has done for the country and so we engaged the relevant stake holders and we unanimously agreed that the best way to honor President Mugabe was to name the country after him’, the spokesman said.

However, in the streets, people were furious with the move and said they would not accept the new name. This did not deter the ZANU PF led government though as they said the matter was not up for discussion.

Part of the statement also stated that the name change would be effective from the 1st of December 2016 and anyone seen using the name Zimbabwe again was to be persecuted and charged with treason. “As from 1 December, all Zimbabweans are requested to start referring to their country as Republic of Mugabe. A new flag will be introduced no later than 7 December and shortly after, a new national anthem. We have tasked Winky D to draft the new national anthem”, read part of the statement.