ZCC Member Caught Bonking Sister In Law At His Wife’s Funeral


A ZCC member has been left with egg on his face after an adult tape found it’s way to the public of him and his sister in law engaged in some sweaty passion groping at his wife’s funeral.

While other members mourned the death of one of their fellow christian, it was reported that the two love birds, identified as Mapula and Enock, sneaked into a bag room for a quick session. To make matters even worse, all this was happening at a funeral. Mapula’s sister who happened to be Enock’s wife had passed on two days earlier after a short illness.

Mapula and Enock are believe to have decided to consummate while the rest of the church members paid their last respects. It was when a friend noticed Mapula and Enock’s extended absence did she decide to investigate only to find the two locked up in a compromising position, unawares of their surrounding.

One devout ZCC member said the two had long been suspected of having an affair and now word on the church circles was that Mapula had poisoned her younger sister so she could have Enock all to her self.

An internal disciplinary will be conducted and the date would be announced after burial.