10 Reasons Some Working Class Ladies Still Have SE_X For Money


You see a lady working with a big company but still render the service of bed-warming to millionaires and billionaires, and you wonder: ‘What does she want?

You might know ladies with high paying jobs/blooming businesses, but still offer their bodies for se_x to different men who are ready to pay; and you might be like: ‘After her huge salary, what does she even want?
Well, sit back as i tell you reasons why many of them does that.

1. Greed: Yes, this is without doubt the major reason. Many of those ladies that offers their bodies for money despite having high paying jobs/business are simply greedy and aren’t contented&grateful with what they have.

2. Love Of Fun: I personally feel not all those ‘high class prostitutes’ are from poor homes. Many ladies loves thrilling fun. They will go with men who will take them to parties, trips abroads, etc. So, money isn’t necessarily the driving-force of such ladies- but their love for fun.
And when they discovered they could make money from randy men while having fun, they capitalise on that.

3. Lack Of Dignity: A lady was playing a ‘play-play fight’ with a guy somewhere. And some of us were like ‘This guy is having fun touching your breasts and others’. But she was like ‘Oh that’s nothing, as far as he isn’t doing the ‘main thing’ (i.e penetration).

Though am a man, but am surprised many women doesn’t know about something called the ‘DIGNITY OF WOMANHOOD’. Real women who know the dignity of womanhood doesn’t allow any kind of man play with their bodies anyhow, for his own s3xual pleasure. And that’s exactly what is wrong with these ladies we are talking about: They don’t know their bodies shouldn’t be a pleasurable tool for all types of men; they lack dignity.

4. Urge To Belong: Urge to belong to where? ‘CLIQUE OF BIG GIRLS’ of course. Don’t you see some of those ‘big girls’ around you? Big phones; big cars; big dresses; big everything. And you know what? Many of those ‘unbig girls’ admire them (conciously or not) and want to be like them.

Being a ‘big girl’ requires money. Yes, good money. When many of those working class ladies decided to use their salaries to stay in the clique of ‘big girls’, they might discover it isn’t enough; hence will resort to having another form of income via selling their bodies for money. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING