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At first our s*x life was like wild fire. We f*cked from sun up to sundown. But as the years go by our s*x life dropped to one or two times a week. Then down to once a month and so on.

A few years ago Danny got this v*brator for me that looked a feels like a real mans p*nis. He used it on me a lot of times. It would always bring me to the best and fastest 0rgasms.

I wasn’t into m*sturbation all that much at that time in my life. Then one day Danny was at work and I was really h*rny. I needed something and couldn’t wait for him to get home. I went in the bedroom and got the v*brator out. I turned it on to a low buzz. I was playing with it and making myself very wet and horny as I held it in my hand. Before I knew what was happening I str*pped all my clothes off, got some KY Jelly and got in bed.

I rubbed that KY all up and down it like I was jacking it off. Once I had it all slicked up I held the head of it right on my hard and wet cl*toris. It didn’t take but maybe ten seconds before I was moaning out that I was c*mming. After a very short rest I started running the head up and down my wet slit. Once I had it lined up to my wet hole and gave it a little push and it popped right inside me.

This was the first time that I ever f*cked myself with a v*brator. And it was not to be the last that’s for sure. It felt so good that I couldn’t stand it. In no time at all I was c*mming again. Then after another short rest I started pumping it in me again. I closed my eyes and started thinking of other men f*cking me. I put my girl friends Husbands face in my mind and it felt like it was really him f*cking me.

This was all very new to me at the time. Sure I’ve m*sturbated before. This was the first time with a s*x toys. I was even thinking, who needs Danny any more, now that I have this rubber c*ck to keep me happy?

I ended up naming it my j*ystick. Any time I needed joy I would get it out and then stick it in. Oh yes I did all this behind my Husbands back. I was thinking, who in the world would do something like this in front of their mate?

I was maybe 25 or 26 at the time. In my mind I was thinking that I was the only woman in the world getting herself off with a rubber c*ck. So I kept this to myself, not even telling my best girl friend Marsha…………Counting Reading this story on the next page,Go Below This Page CLICK>>>>2