The Se_x Video Of Lundi Being Bonked By His Male Partner Emerges,Former Manager Blamed


Soweto – An 8 minute gay video of two males,with the other one resembling the late gospel artist who passed on last week due to reported stomach TB,Lundi Tyamara has started circulating on WhatsApp.

According to a report,Lundi’s former manager,Mr Tshepo Nzimande has since been fingered for being the first to send the controversial video into a WhatsApp group with caption,”this looks like some SA celeb,I shall not speak !”.

From the look of things,there was a bad blood between Lundi and his former manager before he passed away.Lundi’s former manager was once accused by the Tyamara family for ‘dumping’ him during the time his health started deteriorating.

”I have no idea why this man is fighting us,firstly he dumped Lundi because of his sickness now he fabricates lies and posts videos of people who look like Lundi to fool us. At some point we barred him to even visit Lundi at the hospital because of his stupidity”,fumed one lady who identified herself as Lisa Tyamara.

According to the footage,someone who looks like Lundi is seen engaging in an_al se_x with an unidentified male partner who did not clearly expose his face in the poor quality video.

iMzansi has not been able to confirm or deny whether it is really Lundi in the act or his look-alike.

Lundi’s family spokesperson has accused Mr Nzimande of fueling unnecessary controversy by posting the ‘Lundi look-alike’ video during the time they are still mourning their loved one.