Breaking the H0T Teen Girl — Man can’t resist punishing his rëluctant teen maid


He watched as she bent down to clean the glass door, her skirt hugging her a$$. His maid wore a blue button up shirt. He could make out the outline of her bra beneath it.

“You’re leaving streaks.” He said calmly. She wasn’t, but he needed an excuse. She looked at the glass in confusion.

“Where?” She asked, still looking.

“Maybe you need a little lesson to keep you focused.” He walled over as she stood up to face him.

“What? What do you mean?” He caught a hint of concern in her eye, but she seemed to ignore it.

“Unbutton your blouse.” He commanded her. He was surprised to hear the words from his own lips, but the shocked look on her face was delectable. Her innocent doe eyes opened up and a black tendril of hair fell in front of her face.

“Wh- what?” She stammered. It was unlike her. She was always so poised and well spoken.

“You heard me. Unbutton your blouse. If you want to keep this job, anyway. If not you know where the door is.” He knew she wouldn’t leave- he paid her well. And he’d been watching her the past few weeks- the way she quickly averted her gaze when she caught him checking out her ample cle@vage. She was a perfect subm!ssive, even if she didn’t know it yet. She stared at him in silence.

“If I have to say it again, your punishment will be even more severe. Take it off- now.” She looked at the ground unable to make eye contact. He sensed her apprehension, but watched mesmerized as her hands slowly undid each button.

“Good. Now, hands at your sides.” He instructed her. She glanced at him quickly, as if to see if her were joking. His face was serious, so she obeyed. Her blouse fluttered open from the movement, revealing her pink br@. He couldn’t help staring at her beautiful t!ts. Her front clasp br@ wasn’t even off and already he was getting a hard on.

“I’m going to unhook your br@ now. If you struggle, or try to cover up in any way, I’ll add ten strikes to your punishment.” Her ears perked up at “punishment”, but she made no move to fight him or even plead as he unh00ked the clasp on her br@. He could feel the weight of her bre@sts straining against it. Her perfect mounds of olive skin were hinting of nearby treasures. Unable to hold back, he let the br@ drop off to the sides. Instantly she moved to cover her bre@sts, but he swiftly knocked her hands away and pinched both n!pples firmly.

“Hands behind your head,” he ordered not letting go of her n!pples.

“Please, no!” Finally, there was the pleading. Her innocent little voice begging him to release her n!pples, to let her cover up……READ more on the next page,go below this page CLICK>>>2