Cheating wife has an affair with a truck driver….[READ]


One of the craziest vacation trips we ever had involved riding in the cab of an over the road truck. Our neighbor Mark’s wife had left him for another man. She got tired of him being gone so much and found several fellows to keep her nights from being lonely. It was true. Mark’s little Jeep wasn’t in his driveway as much as a stranger’s car might be.


My wife Ruthie had mentioned the fact to me several times about different vehicles parking up the street and sometimes right in old Mark’s driveway while he was gone. I’d didn’t get to involved, but Ruthie loved neighborhood gossip and took great joy in figuring how many men were f#cking Ann while Mark was out of town.


Just for the record, Ruthie claims there were at the minimum twenty different guys f#cking Ann over the three year period it went on. Ann was not so discrete about it either. Towards the last Ann was bringing in black men more than white for her extramarital f#cking.


Finally, one day Ruthie came to me breathlessly, “There’s a rental truck backed into Ann’s driveway and some men are loading stuff for a move. Mark is out on the road.”


“What do you want me to do?”

“Go over there. See what’s going on.”

“Maybe you should go over there. You are better at details.”

“Too many men over there going in and out.”

“I’m sure they are with the moving company.”…………READ more on the next page,go below click>>>>2