Touch not my anointed ones, so said the Lord~Eric Knight


Touch not my anointed ones, so said the Lord. Inevitably, Pastor Evan Mawarire has been released and all charges dropped. We thank all Zimbabweans for their prayers, hundreds of them who went to spend the day at the court in solidarity with the man, we thank the Lawyers who represented him, over 200 lawyers by the way attended the hearing and vowed to represent Pastor Mawarire free of charge, and the verdict was that the charges were unconstitutional, hapana nyaya/akula cala ngitsho laka ncuu!#thisflag

To the ZBC, this is what you should have been broadcasting Live, this is what is called news of national interest, you should have covered the hearing and beamed it all over, that would have raised you a lot of cash that the corporation badly needs, not telling people that President and Amai have arrived at the airport 50times a day.

Now to all those who are still in denial and those who still think the intimidation tactics still work in this day and age, Akusasebenzi/Hazvichashandi. Wake up and smell the coffee, you can not change the direction of the winds. A fly that refuses to come off a dying body will be buried with the body. A new and democratic Zimbabwe is surely coming come rain come thunder. Arresting people will not stop the tide. The God that we worship is alive. I urge all Zimbabweans to meditate on the book of 2 Chronicles 7 vs 14. God bless Zimbabwe! God bless Africa!