WATCH VIDEO: How To Touch A Woman & Fing3r Her VAG!NA, In 8 Beginner Steps


1. Prepare Your Tools For The Job

It’s really important to have clean, well-groomed hands when you’re touching a woman’s genitals. Keep your fingernails trimmed and filed, to avoid scratching her sensitive skin. Don’t cut your nails right before hooking up; they’ll still be too rough and sharp to touch her. You also want to make sure to wash your hands right before getting down to business, to protect her from getting an infection.

2. Tease Her

Spend plenty of time warming up before you move between her legs. Make out with her, kiss her neck, and nibble on her ears. Caress her butt, hips, and thighs. When you start to work your way down, rub her crotch through her pants using your palm, or grind against her with your thigh or pelvis. Even after her pants are off, keep teasing her. Leave her underwear on and trace a fingertip up and down her labia. You want her to be aching for skin-to-skin contact by the time you finally let her have it. For many women, teasing is the best part of the entire experience, so don’t skip over it in your haste to get to her clothes off!

3. Know What You’re Touching

Let’s go over a basic anatomy refresher of what your hands are going to come into contact with. You’re going to want to spend most of your attention on these four areas:

Her outer labia are the two lips that are covered in pubic hair. This is the main area you’ll be teasing through her clothes. There aren’t a ton of nerve endings in the outer labia, but you can rub them with your fingertips and even roll the skin between your thumb and forefinger. It’s also hot to pull her labia apart with your hands.

The inner labia are the set of lips that don’t have any pubic hair. The skin here is thinner and wet, so you’ll need to be a little more delicate than you are with the outer labia. Stroke the inner labia lightly with your fingertips.

The vag.inal opening is further back, towards her a.nus. It’s where penetration occurs if you have intercourse, and it’s also where vag.inal lubrication is secreted from. The majority of the nerve endings are located in the outer third of the vag.inal canal, so tracing your finger around the opening or inserting a few fingers inside will feel great.

Her cli.toris is hands-down the most sensitive part of her anatomy. The tiny little nub is packed with nerve endings. Most women need direct cli.toral stimulation to reach 0rgasm. Be very gentle with the clit.oris until you get a sense of how much stimulation she likes. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING