5 Bizzare Things Females Do After Unprotected Se_x To Avoid Getting Pregnant


They say women are more scared of getting pregnant than contracting HIV/Aids.I am not sure about the authenticity of the statement,but you get the point.Women will go at extra lengths to ensure they DO NOT get pregnant.

This is a fact, since time immemorial, women have been using bizarre ways to avoid getting pregnant, Se_xually Transmitted Infection’s aside.

Here are some of the bizarre things they do to enjoy se_x without getting pregnant.

5. Squat and sneeze

Immediately after se_x, a woman is required to squat the sneeze. This movement is said to force out every single sp_erm from the woman’s punani.

In ancient Greek, physicians recommended women to do this to shake the spe_rm out before fertilizing the egg.Women were also advised to jump up an down, and kick their feet against their bums, to avoid getting pregnant.

How practical?

4. Se_x during periods

It is messy, I know. Turns out, women enjoy se_x during their periods.To add onto the natural lubrication, it is said chances of a woman getting pregnant at this time are close to nil. If you attended a biology lesson, then you know this is a lie. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING