This is the most beautiful VAGlNA in the world (Photo)


This year’s winner is also a UK resident, though any other details about her identity are being held under wraps until the production of her prize-winning v@.g!na mold is ready to hit shelves.

S3X toy creator, Brian Sloan is back again for the second edition of his v@g!na Beauty pageant.

Last year, he kicked off the first edition by asking women to send photos of their v@.g!nas so they can be judged by a group of men. At the end if the contest, the woman with the most beautiful v@.g!na is then revealed.

This contest is aimed at promoting Sloan’s toy, The Autoblow 2.

In order get in the running for world’s most beautiful v@.g!na all you have to do is send Brian a picture of your v@.g!na and he and his judges would decide whose parts were the most pleasing.

The winner gets thousands of dollars and her v@.g!na is molded into a S3@.x:’ toy that can be purchased and F**.Cked by all and sundry. CLICK HERE TO SEE PHOTO