Durban North Primary School Teacher Commits Suicide After Her Se_x Video With Dog Leaks


Durban – It was all tears for a Durban family after they lost their loved one during the wee hours of Saturday last weekend after a 26-year-old lady (name with-held) strangled herself to death with a rope.

According to reports,the married 26-year-old lady was in the habit of secretly having se_x with their family dog,an act which close family members and friends concluded was fueled by her husband’s long absence away from home.

”She was always complaining that her husband never gave her attention,at first she told me she was sticking to se_x toys ( masturbator ) since she didn’t want to cheat on him.However I could not blame the husband either because he is a truck driver and he can go for a month without servicing his own wife”,said the deceased‘s close friend who declined to be named. CLICK HERE TO GET VIDEO