Making Her Grade — A hot student tries to convince her professor to pass her


Joseph Triggs was running late. His alarm once again did not go off when it was scheduled to. ‘Damnit,’ he thought to himself as he jogged to his destination, ‘I need to go out and buy a new clock. I can’t keep doing this, I’m not getting any younger.” That was true, jut two day’s ago Joseph had celebrated his 45th birthday, and for the first time in his life, he was beginning to feel old. Perhaps it was his profession that gave him that feeling. Anyone who did what he did day in and day out would feel the exact same way.


In fact, all of his collogues agreed with him on it, but it was the nature of their beast. Spend your days amongst the youth and you could not help but feel old. Every year, the youth kept the same age, and he kept growing older and older. ‘I should have listened to my mother and been an accountant,’ Joseph sighed to himself. ‘At least they don’t deal with these kids.”



Breathing heavily, Joseph Triggs began to slow down and sputter a bit. As he approached the building ahead of him, he began to sprint up the marble stone steps that lead to it’s entrance doors. Entering into the front door of the building, Joseph waved to the guard sitting behind the desk right beyond the door as he ran by.



“Morning Vernon,” Joseph shouted to the guard.

“Morning Joe, alarm didn’t go off again today?”

“You know it, Vern, have a good one. Free for lunch today?”

“Sure thing Joe, I’ll see you around noon,” replied Vernon as he turned his attention back the crossword puzzle he was working on.

Joseph began to sprint down the hallway. Reaching the end of the long narrow hallway, he took a quick left and an immediate right, stopping at a large oak door. Sighing to himself, he pushed open the door quickly, walking into the lecture hall. Looking down at his watch, he saw he was fourteen minutes late. Smiling to himself he walked to his desk at the front of the auditorium.


“Good morning class, sorry for being late. As usual, my alarm did not go off this morning,” Triggs said to the class as he heard a loud unanimous grown from the class. He grinned to himself. ‘Ah the college students and their undivided worship of that forsaken 15 minute rule, he thought. ‘In my 15 years, have yet to lose one single class to that rule and I don’t intend to now.’….READ more on the next page,simply go below this page CLICK>>>2