Shocking Revelation: ’Lundi Tyamara Had An Affair With A Married Man’ – NAME AND PICS REVEALED


In the wake of gospel star Lundi Tyamara’s death his skeletons keeps stumbling out of the closet. Let’s face it , no one is perfect and everyone is a sinner. However, for the right price and attention people are willing to talk and parade this sins.

In the aftermath of the gospel’s star’s death yet another source has come forward validating the claims that indeed Lundi was dating a married man.

The source, who claims to be a close friend to the family Lundi ‘wrecked’ claimed that Lundi was dating a man named Bonginkosi.

“They dated for two years. Bonginkosi is married with two children, while he was also sharing a bed with Lundi. They’d go everywhere together and everyone in our circle knew they were openly in love,” says the source who asked not to be named in fear of being castigated.

“Bonginkosi is from a very traditional family and divorce was not an option. He lived in Soweto while his wife and kids lived in KZN. “They [Lundi and Bonginkosi] had been to his home in KZN several times and Bonginkosi’s family knew Lundi as his close friend,”.

The pair was very much in love, the source continues. “They usually rocked up at places in matching outfits. Even on social networks they posted pictures of themselves together or with other musicians and friends.” CLICK HERE TO SEE PHOTOS