Sfiso Ncwane’s Pastor Says He Went To Hell To Negotiate For Sfiso To Be Transferred To Heaven


Sfiso Ncwane’s Pastor popularly known as Rev. Francis Anosike says he’s been dreaming of Sfiso since the day of his passing.

In his dreams he says he would see our icon ‘Kulungile Baba’ hitmaker surrounded by fire and in tears . He then figured out that Sfiso is trapped in hell where he clearly don’t belong.

The pastor says when he receives such dreams he then knows that God is talking to him about one of his child who landed in Hell instead of Heaven.

“This has happened to a million other people and it’s nothing new to me. I’m used to negotiating with the devil so it’s absolutely nothing new, it’s my special calling and something I very much enjoy doing. Nothing feels greater than being able to give back someone’s freedom, I’m like the small Jesus,” said the pastor.

“I just know for a fact that God wants me to go to hell and negotiate for one of his own to be transferred to him because he landed in the wrong place. Unfortunately I can’t go into details of what exactly happens at the negotiations or even who I negotiate with, said the pastor. However Sfiso’s negotiations were a no hassle at all as his sins were very light. The nation will be glad to know that our icon is safely on our Father’s hands and last night I had a dream of him just looking at me with a smile on his face while clapping his hands,” said the pastor.