LADIES : See The Things Your va_gina Desperately Wants You To Know


What some women may not understand is that the va_gina is extremely sensitive to some of these customs. It’s all fun and games until you make your vag-ina super-angry and you’re curled up in a ball wishing you’d never treated her poorly.

Sure, she’s high-maintenance and may require a little TLC now and again, but you only have ONE vag_ina. So, learn how to treat her right!

Here are 5 things your v**ina desperately wants you to know.

1. Please don’t put soap in me.”

Ladies, you want to keep her clean, but using soap is NOT the way to do that. Yes, it’s okay to use mild soap on the outside but lathering your labia is a big NO NO. Soap creates a pH imbalance and leads to all kinds of infections that scratching certainly won’t help. Screaming for the pain to stop? Eh, that might work.

2. “Would it KILL you to use some lubricant?”

Are you trying to rub your parts out of existence with all that friction? When doing the dirty, you often neglect your vag_ina. If she isn’t 100% prepared, well, you’re sh*t out of luck.

A little lube goes a long way and enhances your se_xual experiences — but only if used the proper way. Make sure to steer clear of oil-based and silicone-based lubricants, as they are known to irritate the skin are difficult to wash off (and may require soap, which, again — DON’T DO IT!), and can even cause the condom to break. And no, spit does NOT count as a lubricant.

Don’t be shy about using lubrication. Water-based lubes are totally okay to use (because that’s what they are made for, duh!). Think of lube as armor for going into battle, except for your vag_ina. If you prepare and take all necessary steps to prevent irritation and infection, your v**ina will be smiling ear to ear … errrr, labia to labia?


You give yourself crazy bumps and ingrown hairs when you use that razor, but you do it anyway. She can’t talk, but your vag_ina is probably screaming in pain: “With all that shaving, you’d think you’re getting ready to meet Prince Harry. Why can’t you just love me the way I am? *sob*”

Shaving and waxing make your vag_ina feel smoother, look cleaner, and won’t completely gross out your OB/GYN. You’ll also decrease the amount of bacteria and lice in your pubes. But how many ingrown hairs do you need to get before you realize what you’re doing?

All those nasty things creeping in your pubic hair travel right down inside your vag_ina , since there’s no barrier holding it back. And did I mention INFECTION? Use a razor with rust or built-up bacteria on it and you set yourself up for staph or molluscum. Neither of which are the even least amount of fun.

Unless you want to itch your vag_ina ALL DAY, put down the razor! Use a trimmer instead, yeesh. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING