Ruling Party ZANU PF Pass Dzamara Issue


ZANU PF Mps said they have passed Dzamara issue already they dont want to hear it anymore from anyone what so ever ,after a  Debate on a motion moved by Kuwadzana East MP, Nelson Chamisa on the disappearance of democracy activist Itai Dzamara over a year ago hit a snag for the third time after Zanu PF MPs trickled out of the House before it was reintroduced to ensure there was no quorum of 70 legislators.

Chamisa said a Zanu PF MP had alerted him that a ruling party caucus had directed the legislators to walk out to ensure that the Dzamara issue is not debated.

“It is totally unacceptable that we try to evade debate on such an important issue. What is embarrassing is that they are leaving the two Vice-Presidents in the House while they walk out.

How callous and cruel it is,” he said in disappointment.

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