Retribution — Dad gets to fück my sister and I get to fück my stepmom….(hot story)


Johannesburg- Dad pushed open my bedroom door and stepped inside. This was okay by me. Dad and I were very easy going as we went about the house. It was a big house, only two floors, but with four bedrooms on the 1st floor. On the ground floor there was another bedroom as well as a study/library and large lounge. People said that Dad and I rattled around in it, but we were happy with our home.

Dad had bought the house many years before, intending that the family would move into it. The family at that time was me and my sister, who was a year younger than me and my stepmom, whom Dad had married after my mother died. Unfortunately my stepmom had an affair with another man. My father was fifteen years older than my stepmom and she had succumbed to temptation ending up leaving my dad. Although my sister was only her stepdaughter, she had hit it off with my stepmom right from the start, whereas I had always been a daddy’s boy. It ended with my sister leaving to live with my stepmom and I stayed with Dad.

Dad paid maintenance for my sister, but didn’t have to pay much to maintain my stepmom. This was at a time when he wasn’t earning the big money that had come along with his research successes.

I was only ten when the breakup happened but I can’t say I missed my sister as we were always quarrelling when we were together. I now had a cynical view of the happy traditional American family of Mom and Pop and two kids. I currently had a very happy life just with Dad. There was no other family other than Dad’s younger sister, Auntie Val, who lived in the next county. We never saw her but she did exchange very affectionate cards with Dad at Christmas.

After the collapse of the marriage, Dad had rented out the big house he’d just bought, but a couple of years ago, coincidentally, he and I had to move out of our apartment just as the big house lost its tenants, so we temporarily moved in. However, we found we were perfectly comfortable in the big house and now didn’t see any reason to move…..READ more on the next page,go below this page CLICK>>>>2