5 awesome reasons to have this style


D0ggie style is an awesome S3x moves for many reasons. Here are 5 great ones.

Sure, everyone might have that favourite position they turn to in the bedroom, but if D0ggy Style does not make it to the top of your list of faves, then you are missing out.

Here are five reasons why this move is totally the bomb.

1. You reach the G-sp0t

D0ggy style is an amazing position for reaching that elusive G-sp0t. Because of the different angle you’ll achieve from rear entry S3x finding (and hitting) the G-sp0t is easy to do in this position.

2. It is a favourite for both guys and girls

A lot of guys will tell you that d0ggy style is right up there on the list of favourite S3x positions, but it is interesting to know that women really love this move too. They all can’t be wrong. Give it a try. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING