Top 12 Qualities a Good Wife~what should a good wife do for her husband


Marriage is that institution which we all have to attend at a certain point of time in our lives. And the moment we enter it, there is no looking back. Our lives, lifestyles, way of living changes forever to incorporate that person in our lives. Beautiful isn’t it? But it definitely is not easy as it sounds. With so many marriages breaking around the globe, it is high time we should now out some light on a very simple recipe for successful marriage. The wife, or the better half, as we call it. She truly is the soul of any marriage and without her, the household turns into… umm, well, let’s leave that aside. So what does it take to make a good wife? Of course, personalities vary in a wide range but there are some basic rules that apply to every woman, irrespective of every other factor. This list says it all.

12. Please come out of your Dreams


Yes, women love to dream all the time. About the perfect husband, the perfect in-laws, perfect house on a beach, matching curtains, wooden furniture and what not? But reality is a tad different from your dreams, girls and probably harsh too. So wake up and embrace the beauty of the reality, whatever it has to offer. This is the primary rule of a perfect marriage. When you come to terms with reality and accept the fact that the house, your husband, your in-laws are way different from what you had imagined, that’s when you will have a perfect marriage.

11. Identity is not all about ID Cards


So we stress on the importance of ID cards issued by the government in third world countries. But identity is way beyond those laminated pieces of papers. Girls, just because you are married does not mean you have to be submissive and follow whatever you husband or in laws say. Be who you were before marriage. Remember, guys like strong headed women who have an opinion of their own. That does not mean you will be dominating, but stand up for whatever you feels is right, your husband will respect you even more………..READ more on the next page,go below this page CLICK>>>>2