Pretoria High School Headmaster Busted Bonking Student In Exchange For R20, Commits Suicide


Pretoria – The headmaster of a high school in Pretoria (name with-held) will forever rue the day he was born after he was secretly recorded having se_x with a student during break-time.

The pervy school head was unaware that another female student who was gatvol of his antics was clandestinely recording the se_x session through the office window with her smart phone.

“A lot of students had been suspicious of the Head but then there was no tangible evidence to nail him, I mean him being the Head and all”, said the emotionally charged girl (name withheld for security reasons)

A disgusted teacher who spoke on condition of anonymity had this to say, ” This is really embarassing for everyone and it has tainted the good name of this school. A name we have worked hard for, all these years. We always knew there was something queer about him but his wife ( also a senior teacher at the school) would always be the first person to defend him whenever we tried to point out her husband’s unsual associations with students, she would blow her top and label us as prostitutes and haters.”

“You must have seen how she crumbled when the shocking video started circulating” ,added the teacher.

Reports are that education authorities quickly got wind of the scandal and wasted no time in firing the Headmaster and turning him over to the long arm of the law.

The desperate head teacher had at first threatened to sue the pupils who filmed him, then denied it and said the film was a fake.

“He tried to claim they were fake, but the students responded by saying they had other images where you could see his face even more clearly, and threatened to put those online as well.”

The headmaster was later found dead over the weekend and police confirmed it was a suicide, but gave no further details.

Efforts to get further comment from the Police and Education authorities were fruitless at the time of publication.