Khanyi Mbau tells a hater to sit down with spicy clapback


TV personality Khanyi Mbau is not one to be messed with, especially on social media.

In fact, her clapbacks are classic.

One user was recently brave enough to throw massive shade at Khanyi over her single “not being played on radio”.

“I heard @MbauReloaded has a song but I’ve never heard it on radio nor saw it on tv…it must be wack moes,” tweeted the user.

But the person was never ready for Khanyi’s response.

The radio presenter didn’t stop there and called another critic to order showing everyone on her Twitter feed exactly who is boss.

“Yaz Khanyi could have summarised that and made it sound more like a conversation than a reading,” tweeted a user about Khanyi’s radio capabilities.

The cheeky user continued to call Khanyi out saying that she has no interest in being on a radio show.