Meet the man who survives on B0NKING lonely ladies


Daily Buzz SA,FAT, small, slender, tall . . .

It doesn’t even matter how old they are, male magosha Sipho will poke them all.

And while his poking power has set tongues wagging, Sipho Shale wishes the women would pay him!

The former security guard told Daily Buzz SA his life took a turn when he lost his job last year. Describing how it all started, Sipho said his first client was a woman old enough to be his mother.




“She approached me in a tavern in November, saying she needed help with something.

“I didn’t understand what she meant, but when we got into her car she was all over me, kissing me and touching my 4-5. I couldn’t resist,” said Sipho.


The satisfied old woman soon brought him more customers, and his life of worry seemed over. Sipho said while his performance between the sheets often left his clients begging for more, he has to deal with the fact that at least half of them refuse to pay him!

He says some of them even threaten to call the cops if he tries to refuse.

“Of the 15 women I have delivered services to so far, only eight paid. The others either gave me half the amount or nothing at all,” said Sipho.

Sipho said his customers call and fetch him at his place.

“They’re all rich women who drive their own cars,” he said, adding that the poking happens at his clients’ homes.

He charges R150 a shot.

“I find the job fulfilling because it’s the easiest way to make money,” said Sipho, who can earn up to R600 a day – as long as all his clients pay.

One of his customers, Zintle Ngoma (45), told Daily Buzz SA: “I prefer him because he’s the best in the game.”

Another customer, Gugu Mbatha (30), said: “I’m not looking for a relationship but I have to satisfy my s*xual needs.”