Nurse Lisa Sedüces a Patient — A sponge bath turns into so much more


Johannesburg,I am a Nurse and Chef. Many years ago, I was working in a large downtown hospital. We saw all kinds of cases and one of the things I liked to do is have a personal rapport with certain patients. Jack had come in after an MVA (car accident) and had suffered some injuries. Jack was about 30 years old, very handsome with thick dark hair and built like a brick sh!thouse. He was a construction worker so he was very cut and had some tattoos. He was a REALLY nice guy though. Always respectful, always joking around and giving me compliments. Did I just see him glance at my 42…DD’s in my form-fitting scrubs? Hmmmmm.

I try to be professional. But at that time, I wasn’t seeing anybody and I was desperately h0rny for some c0ck. I had seen Jack unclothed of course and was ar0oused to see a nice long shaved c0ck and balls. There’s nothing better than a silky smooth c0ck down your throat. I began to fantasize about him…A couple times at work I had to sneak in the bathroom and bring myself off. Coworkers weren’t super happy about me hogging the bathroom lol!

I started really getting to know him. I tried soooo hard not to fl!rt but every once in a while when I was doing care, I would lean over and give him a peek down my shirt. I heard the hiss of his breath between his teeth. Ohhh yeah, he was diggin’ me…and I was feeling him.

One night I had a dream about him and I woke up with my hand between my legs and the sheets wet. I grabbed my Jelly c0ck and some p0rn to get me off so at least I could get back to sleep. I went to work that morning with a n@ughty little smile because my tiny panties were full of my girl c#m and nobody knew but me. Mmmmm…smiles…

I had my favorite scrubs on and I looked amazing that day. My cheeks were flushed with the afterglow of my midnight 0rgasm. My c#nt was still thr#bbing, in unison with my heart. I entered Jack’s room with a cheery “Hello!” To my shock, I caught him str#king his c#ck under his hospital gown. He startled at the sight of me and quickly covered up, apologizing like crazy. I assured him it was all right and went to get my basin of soapy water and sponge to give him his daily bath. Back then, nurses did total care, including bathing and dammmmmnnnnnn was it a pleasure with him LOL.

I was wide-eyed…and turned on. His c#ck was HUGE…long and slim, had to be about 9 inches. OMG It had been sooooo long since I had d#ck. I was shaking with lust but I HAD to get my sh#t under control. Anyone could come in and see the state I was in and I would get in BIG trouble especially if my boss found out. Calm down, girl… I said silently to myself…It’s just a big c#ck… at this point, I hadn’t had many men, I was in my 20’s and the majority of them had been disappointing. I started to see dirty pictures in my head and my mouth started to salivate………..READ more on the next page,go below this page CLICK>>>2